Sunday, 4 January 2009

Great Collection

The Cambelltown Arts Centre is a great place to spend a couple of hours, particularly for the older kids although younger ones will have fun running around the sculpture garden and seeing the koi carp in the Japanese teahouse. Currently the Arts Centre is showing the 'Great Collections' exhibition including items collected by Joseph Banks and Captain Cook on their voyages, paintings, tools, furniture, sculptures and other art installations from various collections including Brett Whitely and Picasso.
The Arts Centre is also currently displaying some of the famed duck collection of the late John Marsden. The Centre is located at the corner of Camden and Appin Roads near Aquafit. Entry is free and it is open from 10am - 4pm every day. Stroller friendly. We recommend following up a morning at the Arts Centre with lunch at Pancakes on the Rocks in Park Central. The installation of a fountain in Park Central in honour of John Marsden - he of the ducks - is now complete and worth a look.
The Arts Centre is running its summer holiday program from 5th to 18th January with workshops including Crazy Critters, Dinosaur Detective, Flower Pressing, Mini Musicians and more. None of the workshops are yet fully booked out so there is still time to enrol. Costs are between $5 and$12.50 with some activities free. Workshops mostly suit ages 6-12 but Mini Musicians has workshops for those under 5. Adult supervision is required for some workshops.
For bookings or further information, contact the Campbelltown Arts Centre on 02 4645 4100 or visit the Campbelltown Council website.