Sunday, 3 August 2008

Wirrimbirra Sanctuary - Birds 'n' Bugs

I read in the local paper that both The Bug Man and The NSW Budgerigar Society (Macarthur Branch) were going to be at Wirrimbirra Sanctuary today for their Birds 'n' Bugs event. Not yet having visited Wirrimbirra and having a spider mad toddler, I thought this would be a great opportunity for a first visit. Just so long as the birds weren't eating the spider or worse; spiders eating birds.

Wirrimbirra Sanctuary is a 35 minute easy and picturesque drive from Campbelltown. Lots of cows and horses along the way to keep the little ones looking out of the window. Our initial arrival was disappointing as the car park was full and the volunteer attendant suggested we park out on Remberance Drive but we weren't keen on getting three small children out of the car on a 80km p/h stretch of road. Fortunately just then someone left and made room for our station wagon.

Entry to Wirrimbirra Sanctuary is by donation and on this day the kids also got a free badge. We arrived just as the 'wildlife presenter' - The Bug Man - was finishing up his first show. Fortunately there was to be a second show at 12:30 for us sleepyheads that like a lazy Sunday breakfast. While waiting for that we went through the sanctuary area to see emus, wallabies, roos, wombats and a talkative cockatoo.

Then it was time to lunch and there were plenty of tables available in the courtyard area. There was a cafe serving food including hot chips and ice-cream (not together) but we took our own lunch.

The insect show was popular with the older kids - 7yo especially as he got picked to demonstrate - but the toddler was not happy he wasn't allowed to take the Huntsman out of the box. I even learnt something new; did you know that stick insects have wings?

After the show we wandered around the compact native plant nursery, 7yo had his face painted and we got given balloons by the two nice ladies womanning the Rural Fire Service display.

The Sanctuary is quite small but the paths are well defined and it is suitable for strollers. We intend to visit again when the dingo sanctuary is opened. It's a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon, particularly if your kids need a reminder about what constitutes native wildlife (7yo wanted to know if there were any lions in the sanctuary - fortunately for us there weren't).

Wirrimbirra Sanctuary is open from Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 to 4:30. They have a number of events throughout the year. A calendar and more information can be found on their comprehensive web-site:

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