Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Man Vs Wild parody - Campbelltown

Last week, a friend sent me a link to this YouTube video via Facebook. It's a take-off of the popular Man Vs Wild show featuring Bear Grylls and features 'Bear' taking on the 'wilds' of Campbelltown. I thought Part 1 was very funny. Part 2 is a bit slapstick and juvenile. I was going to post it on here but it's definitely not rated PG.

This week, the video has made the front page of the Macarthur Chronicle. Apparently it's upset some local big knobs although I think there have been worse portrayals of the area, including episode two of the Secret Millionaire which describes Campbelltown as: "...has a long history of public housing, low-income families, substance abuse and crime..." The show was widely criticised for only focusing on the very worst areas. At least the YouTube parody features the beautiful grounds of the University of Western Sydney.

I guess when it comes to Campbelltown Council, Uni students are an easier target than Channel Nine. At least we can thank Eric Grothe Jnr for his video, Campbelltown My Home Town by Eric Grothe Jnr as featured on the Matty Johns Show (Channel 7).

Have you seen the Man Vs Campbelltown video? What do you think?

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Claire said...

I was impressed at the comic skills the group that recorded the parody had. I have never laughed so hard. I have no problem laughing at this knowing that this is not an accurate portrayal. People that can't laugh at it are obviously not as comfortable with being a local as they claim. It's pure fun and hilarious too. (I hope you got to see both parts! lol)