Sunday, 29 January 2012

Australia Day

Last year for Australia Day we went down to Bulli and I got badly sunburnt. Even if the weather had been conducive to a beach visit, I wasn't keen to repeat the experience so we decided to visit somewhere we've never been before - Macarthur Park in Camden.

It's hard to believe we've lived in the area for 12 years but not visited this well-known park previously. Macarthur Park is a great place for taking photos with lots of different settings from the rose garden to the wisteria-covered pergola and 'fern walk'.

The park and especially the playground area were clean and well maintained but there were some broken beer bottles in the bandstands. There are a few steps but the park can largely be covered with a stroller although some sections are quite steep. At the top of the park and in Menangle Road there are some fantastic views across the region.

Afterwards we drove down to the new and somewhat controversial McDonalds (there was initially a lot of resistance to having a Maccas in Camden) for a 50c cone then walked a little way up Argyle Street to watch the parade. I have never seen so many fire engines in one place! There were lots of vintage cars and where else but in Camden would you find a float with a real cow on the back?

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