Saturday, 30 June 2012

Burragorang Lookout

25km from Camden, just past Oakdale, is the Burragorang Lookout in the Burragorang Stage Conservation Area. This well planned picnic area has two barbecue areas with coin operated barbecues and plenty of other picnic tables. There is ample parking, flushing toilets and a small playground all within a short stroll from the car park. The lookout provides views over the Burragorang valley and lake. We paid a brief visit mid-morning on a Winter's day so the valley was filled with clouds that were just beginning to thin as we left. In clearer weather you would be able to see Lake Burragorang at the bottom of the valley.

It would be a fantastic spot for a picnic lunch in summer. The drive is an easy one with views across Camden and The Oaks on the way back. Why not stop at a farmhouse stall for some fresh farm eggs and local honey?

For more information on opening hours check out:

Entry fee: I'm still trying to work this out. The National Parks and Wildlife site above site says that it costs $3 per vehicle and that there are pay and display parking machines but I couldn't see any. This site says entry is $7.00 Other sites state that entry is free. (  A sign at the entrance says that PUF (Park User Fees) apply but there were no specifications. Possibly you need to get a PUF pass from the National Parks and Wildlife Office in Picton... but they are not open on weekends! I rang Wollondilly Visitor Centre who advised me there used to be a pay and display machine before the upgrades but it has not been reinstated, that they are unable to provide PUF passes and that as far as they know entry is free. If anyone knows for sure, please enlighten me and I'll update this post. Apart from a couple of motorcylists that left shortly after we arrived, we were the only ones there. It's a shame this beautiful - and recently upgraded - area isn't being more utilised perhaps due to either the fee (particularly given the cost of fuel to drive out there!) or lack of transparency around entry costs.

How to get there: Turn on to Burragorang Road from the Camden bypass and drive, drive, drive all the way to the end.

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