Sunday, 8 November 2015

November Rain

Raining over Rosemeadow

 Rizal Park, Rosemeadow

Stormcloud in Macarthur

It's November and that means unpredictable weather but more excitingly Fisher's Ghost! That's right, it's once again that time of year when we get to experience a parade, a street fair, outdoor gigs and movies, an art exhibition, carnival and fireworks - mostly FREE and all to celebrate the ghostly appearance of Fred Fisher, intent on guiding a local farmer to his body and thus solve the mystery of his disappearance 189 years ago.

For a full calendar of events check out the Festival of Fisher's Ghost website.

And if it's Fisher's Ghost, that must mean Christmas is just around the corner. If you happened to be at Macarthur Square this morning you may have witnessed the jolly man himself arriving, with his sizeable entourage, ready for those all essential Christmas photos. You can find out more about Santa's arrival at Macarthur Square's website. (Oh and a tip for parking - try the middle floor car-park, Big W end. Yes it's still open!)

Finally, if you're as organised as I am you're already thinking about planning for 2016 there's no more gorgeous way to do it than with Leonie Dawson's amazing 2016 workbooks + NEW weekly planner.

Link to 2016 business and life planner

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