Saturday, 11 June 2016

Shopping for a pet?

Puppies and kittens are cute but there are plenty of adult animals in the Macarthur area who need a new home.

Campbelltown Council have a search facility where you can see what animals are currently being held in the pound and available for adoption. The website also has information about keeping pets and other animals including chickens and bees! If sustainability is something that interests you, be sure to head down to Riverfest at Koshigaya Park on the 27th of August.

Back to cats and dogs, and even rabbits, Furry Friends Forever Rescue is a registered not-for-profit organisation which aims to "rescue and rehouse abandoned, neglected or abused animals of all shapes and sizes".

Firefly Animal Rescue works to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals from the Campbelltown Animal Care Facility (the pound). They have a support base of foster carers and volunteers who attempt to find loving homes for animals that best suit their individual needs and personalities.

Wollongong Animal Rescue Network also actively rescues needy and unwanted animals from the pound in Rose St., Campbelltown.

There are various groups on Facebook working to find homes for dogs and cats that end up in the animal care facility including Community Helping Campbelltown Pound Cats.

If you adopt a desexed dog or cat either directly from the pound or through a pound approved rescue organisation (there's a list of these on the above Facebook page) you will pay a reduced rate of only $26 to register your new pet with Campbelltown Council. This is a one-off payment for a lifetime registration. For more information about registration, check out the pet ownership information page on Campbelltown Council's website.

If you are an animal lover but can't commit to a life-time of love right now, all rescue organisations are always looking to add more foster carers to their network.

Adopt, don't shop - they'll love you for it.

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