Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Despicable Me - movie review

I hadn't expected to like this much, from what I'd seen of the trailers it looked a bit slapstick and silly. And the movie is silly in an impossible kind of way, with characters surviving Roadrunner style explosions and there is more slapstick comedy than I'd like (characters punching and pushing one another). But it is also funny and there's an important message at it's core.

A lot happens in this movie and I suspect it's the sort of film you could watch again and see things you missed first time around which is just as well as kids will want to watch it repeatedly. The adult humour is subtle and witty but kids will laugh all the way through. I laughed out loud a couple of times and the woman behind me in the theatre said, "Aww" at the heartwarming bits.

The accent of the main character voiced by Steve Carell I found annoying and Russel Brand's voice didn't suit his character at all but the rest of the voice talent was great, especially Miss Hattie (Kristen Wiig).

This is a short (95 minutes), fast movie with constant action so even the littlies will remain entertained. Rated PG, recommended for kids aged 3 to 12. Now showing at Dumaresq Street Cinema in Campbelltown. All tickets $6.00

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