Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Fancy a farm stay?

We're lucky here in Macarthur to not have to travel too far out of Campbelltown to experience the bush and produce from local farms. But there's nothing like spending time on a farm to give kids an appreciation of where some of our food comes from.

The Bathurst Sheep and Cattle Drome (Heritage Hills) is just over a two and a half hour drive from Campbelltown. It's a popular place for school groups during the week but they also have 8 spacious units for families wanting to experience a quiet, relaxing weekend in peaceful surroundings. There are both native and farm animals in the animal nursery.

So if you find yourself explaining to your kids that cheese, eggs and milk do not originate in the supermarket or answering the question, "Does chicken come from cows?" then maybe a farm stay should be your next holiday.

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