Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Your favourite coffee place?

My friend Kathie has recently started a brand new blog dedicated to good coffee spots. "You can register as an author and post about your favourite place to go for coffee and if you have a photo of yourself and a friend having coffee, feel free to add that too."

It got me wondering, where is your favourite place to have coffee in Macarthur? Mine is the Yummy Cafe in Woodhouse Drive, Ambarvale. Not only do you get to sit outside watching the littlies play in a secure playground, but the coffee (mine is a decaf latte) is always excellent. Yummy is open Tuesday to Saturday.
Another favourite place is Flower Power at Mt. Annan, sitting outside surrounded by beautiful, healthy plants (very unlike our own garden at the moment!) and watching the kids play on the climbing equipment.
Coffee anywhere peaceful with something free to keep the kids occupied is always good!

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